TUESDAY 1 st AUG 2017

As we are in receipt of some persistent caring and sharing inquires from partners and friends back home may I take a little indulgence to lay at rest some tedious housekeeping. The weather forecast for the southern counties was starting to turn grim- sunny today then rain setting in tomorrow. In addition a throat viral thingy was spreading amongst the team. (As long as it wasn’t bubonic plaque strain from Gravesend in 1660 everything is ok.) The laundry run is working well every day and everyone is clean. Yes we swam today. Our accommodation at Turing College Kent University at Canterbury is excellent. Each player gets his own self contained room. This means he is insulated from the contaminated snoring, belching and dirty washing that is twin existence so he should return reasonably rested. Yes we know the kids aren’t reading this rubbish but that is not stopping our fun and memories amongst ourselves. …and yes we have taken thousand of photos including selfies which we will bore you upon our return. Now that we have established that may we return to the cricket!

A long trip today of 130 kilometers took us into London and a match against Surrey 050s at Sutton CC which just started playing cricket in 1857 to make it one of the oldest clubs in Surrey.

There is a picture hanging on the wall of Dr WG Grace and Lord Ebbishom taken during play at the ground.

Although Colin Cowdery grew up in digs over the back of the ground and he played here, he went onto to play his entire senior cricket with nearby Kent County. In 1969 Graeme Pollock played at Sutton as a touring cavalier. In the meantime another local resident was Harry Seccombe. He held annual charity cricket day from 1957 until 1884 and pictures show Harry along with his famous goon mates Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan with Eric Sykes and the gang messing around here and playing cricket. Our gang wanted to have that much fun but didn’t want to mess around.