SUNDAY 6th AUG 2017

Sunday 6th August saw us complete the Canterbury Tales part of our fantasy tour and it was time for the caravan to move on. However before doing so the previous Saturday gave us a valuable rest day to lick our wounds and look around this great town. It started with a quick trip to the student’s Laundromat and the deferral of the uni breakfast which allowed our taste buds to recover. For some of us the early car ride to the Dover provided the opportunity to see the famous castle and a walk along the famous white cliffs. Then off to the Battle of Britain war memorial before back to Canterbury for brunch at a quaint hamburger joint with the rest of the team. The day off was completed with a big tour of the Canterbury Cathedral; a well earned afternoon nap; a team dinner at the Buttermarket pub for Tim Sargent who was leaving us for home tomorrow and finally a few drinks with him at the Pound nightclub. We were in bed early by 2.30am for our 7 am trek to Taunton which was a 4 hour drive and a game vs Somerset 050s this afternoon starting at 1pm. A somewhat normal day for these 050s Aussie cricket touring warriors.

We had one distraction in our planned execution. One of the cars developed a tyre bulge and required surgery along the way. That vehicle contained the Captain and the Manager so the team was on autopilot and dashed ahead to toss and play.

Captain Tim Pellen duly arrived early, warmed the troops, won the toss and fielded in unusually bright sunshine. The team for today was Tim Pellen Captain; Fabian Heath (wkeeper); Warwick Hayes ; Allan Chellew; Bob McGhee; Greg Briggs; Peter Judd; Steve Moore; Clayton Johnson; Noel Raymond; Gordon McGurk and Ross Belstead. The throat thingy had developed into 1665 London bubonic plague proportions and had ravaged the side so everyone was spluttering and coughing over everyone else who was taking some form of western medicine to combat it. Combined with some knee injuries the team was starting to look like an episode of MASH.