MONDAY 7th AUG 2017

We awoke at our new digs at the Shrubbery Hotel at Ilminster Somerset to leaden gray skies but the forecast of fine dry weather for cricket. How the weather man over here makes any money at his trade is beyond us let alone why he even bothers.

You also may have noticed that there are now no tales of swimming with 80 year olds let alone anyone of years old. The reason is that there is no pool of any note around here and the hotel bar is just so conducive of scintillating post match analysis especially if anyone has done anything of note which happens to be everyday although not necessarily on the field.

A relatively long drive of 2 hours through very narrow country roads eventuated as a result of a lost/confused satnav maiden with a posh English accent. We finally arrived at a lovely green ground known as Hursley Park which was overlooked by a stately manor where Oliver Cromwell allegedly resided. It looked typically Oliver Cromwell’s style of residence but then again we had driven past 20 of those look alike manors in the last 2 hours so it was hard to tell.

Ravages of knee injuries and the flu had finally taken its toll. Both the Captain and the Vice Captain were in bed with the throat virus although not all together at any one time. It was then all hands on deck so much so the 69 year old Manager was the fittest non- selected player including the 3 female partners on tour. Astute wisdom then took over and the Captaincy for this isolated game was bestowed upon him which was appropriate as it had been conclusively established at the time of this coronation that indeed Oliver Cromwell had been a close neighbour of the ground precincts.

The team selected for this momentous occasion was Stirling Hamman Captain;Bob McGee; Warwick Hayes; Allan Chellew;

Greg Briggs; Peter Judd; Wayne Miles; Ross Belstead; Steve Moore;

Noel Raymond; Gordon McGurk and Fabian Heaton.Today we were playing in coloured shirts with the green polos up top and white strides down below and also using the pink balls. These 050s Australian cricketers are real fashion setters and look very cool.