TUESDAY 8th AUG 2017

This was going to be a momentous day for someone but at this stage we didn’t know who. For the most of the electorate it was cricket as usual this time against Zone 5 champions Cornwall at the delightful university /sea side town Exeter in Devon. The weather was overcast again with the threat of rain. There was also a bitterly cold wind blowing which made sheer existence precarious let alone the pursuit of cricket excellence. Is there any time during this country’s season when one can enjoy any normal summer weather…at any time? I suppose it really doesn’t matter as we are only 4 days away from returning to heaven.

The short trip to Truro was quick and uneventful. After seeing the Abbey from a distance as we drove into town, the next thing which caught our eye was the beautiful flower arrangements in the middle of the roundabouts. This is a tidy town indeed

The first exit after next left after the third roundabout beyond the lights at the “Snootty Fox Inn” where there was an obvious large sign erected proclaiming “Truro Cricket Ground this way” led us to the main cricket ground in town. It was located adjacent to the river where the tide had vacated and left large rolly polly mud flats as far as the eye could sea. The locals warned us to bat when the tide is out and bowl when it is in. Something to do with climate change I suppose.

Australian 050 Association President Mal Coleman was Captain today. But despite his Presidential aurora Cornwall won the toss and sent him i.e. us into bat.

Our team for today was Mal Coleman Captain; Bob McGee; Warwick Hayes; Allan Chellew; Greg Briggs; Peter Judd; Wayne Miles; Ross Belstead; Noel Raymond; Gordon McGurk and Fabian Heaton wkper.

and Stirling Hamman;

Allan Chellew 50 n.o. and Bob McGee 43 bashed us into a strong position so our first wicket fell at 114. Noel Raymond 41 and Peter Judd continued the momentum until their dismissals. Then the proverbial wheels fell off. Coleman duck first ball; Belstead 2 ; Briggs 2 and then Hayes; Miles and Hamman all members of the 12,000 km duck club. Some strong rear guard activity by Gordy McGurk 21 n.o. landed our total on 10-185 off 43 overs.

A short tea ensued and the hosts started well at 0-74. Enter Scotchman Gordy McGurk again and his deft slight off spinners/straight balls. Gordy took 5-29 off 9 overs to destroy the Cornwallians and their aspirations. The hosts all out for 148 off 43 overs! So 185 was in fact 36 runs too many so we need not worry about our middle order collapse or so we told ourselves in hindsight.

Another highlight was the wicket keeping of Fabian Heaton which was pure brilliance on a wicket where the ball was bouncing no more than 10 cm high or in brexit terminology about 4”. Two stumpings and a catch where he literally stayed squatted were real class on a wicket which obviously didn’t know where the tide was. It was Mal Coleman’s second victory as Captain on tour so he was building impressive curriculum vitae as a President of the Australian 050s Cricket Association.

We thanked our opposition who served delicious Cornish pasties exquisitely wrapped in paper bags for dinner along with the chilled local ales. We then imbibed in a quick trip home for our day off tomorrow.

Cheers Your war correspondent from the front.


Today Wednesday 9th AUGUST 2017 was one of the milestone events on our inaugural Australian 050s cricket tour of the UK.

Yes it was our last day off in a campaign which has 19 games in 27 days.

Yes it was the day when President Mal Coleman was fare welled as he returned home for a wedding (not his).

But yes it was significant as it was the team’s final fare well dinner in the ball room of the Shrubbery Hotel Ilminster in Somerset.